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Joey Perry Martial Arts Academy

At Joey Perry Martial Arts Academy, we are helping people all across Jonesboro challenge themselves and learn new skills every day. Our martial arts training is designed to meet the needs of any age or skill level. We maintain a safe, ego-free environment where you can train with complete confidence on day one and learn from the best instructors in town.

Whether you're looking for a great way to challenge your body, learn self-defense skills, or help your child face life with complete confidence, we have the answer for you here.

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My son loves going to Joey Perry. The people who work there are great with the kids and Tristan has fun while learning discipline and being respectful. Their day camp program has been so good for him, as they stick to a routine and keep them busy with movies, activities, crafts, training, and field trips while also giving them interludes of free time to play and visit.

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Caroline Davis

I love how they teach life skills, such as dealing with bullying situations, boosting confidence, building leadership skills, exercising with a purpose, and helping one another to achieve. It is also lots of fun with buddy nights and other events. We feel blessed to be part of JPMAA!

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Cathy Holman

My son, Colton, went to JPMAA for 8 1/2 years. I will say what I have always said about money I ever spent!!! Joey Perry is a great person. I was a single father when C started there. Mr. Perry immediately took to Colton. He took extra time to mentor my son. Not because I was paying his tuition to go there, but because he genuinely loved my kid! He cares about his students. Colton pretty much worshipped Mr. Perry. Colton mot only learned how to protect himself, he learned so many other valuable traits. Respect, manners, compassion and how to be a friend. To EVERYONE you encounter in your life. The things he learned there have helped him so much as he has started moving into adulthood. I am proud to know Mr. Perry. I am also proud of him when I see his influence in my son's life.

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Mitch Barnes

Excellant place kids and teens to grow and learn about giving value and being respectful!!!!!

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Kalel Kent

Very good atmosphere. Prices are quite high, but I suppose that is typical in this industry.

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Jacob Baldwin

JPMAA will give you and your kids one of the best experiences. My boys have grown so much. Soon my husband and I will start training as well.

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Kimberly Roberts

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