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Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

My son loves going to Joey Perry. The people who work there are great with the kids and Tristan has fun while learning discipline and being respectful. Their day camp program has been so good for him, as they stick to a routine and keep them busy with movies, activities, crafts, training, and field trips while also giving them interludes of free time to play and visit.

Caroline Davis

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

I love how they teach life skills, such as dealing with bullying situations, boosting confidence, building leadership skills, exercising with a purpose, and helping one another to achieve. It is also lots of fun with buddy nights and other events. We feel blessed to be part of JPMAA!

Cathy Holman

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

My son, Colton, went to JPMAA for 8 1/2 years. I will say what I have always said about money I ever spent!!! Joey Perry is a great person. I was a single father when C started there. Mr. Perry immediately took to Colton. He took extra time to mentor my son. Not because I was paying his tuition to go there, but because he genuinely loved my kid! He cares about his students. Colton pretty much worshipped Mr. Perry. Colton mot only learned how to protect himself, he learned so many other valuable traits. Respect, manners, compassion and how to be a friend. To EVERYONE you encounter in your life. The things he learned there have helped him so much as he has started moving into adulthood. I am proud to know Mr. Perry. I am also proud of him when I see his influence in my son's life.

Mitch Barnes

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Excellant place kids and teens to grow and learn about giving value and being respectful!!!!!

Kalel Kent

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Very good atmosphere. Prices are quite high, but I suppose that is typical in this industry.

Jacob Baldwin

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

JPMAA will give you and your kids one of the best experiences. My boys have grown so much. Soon my husband and I will start training as well.

Kimberly Roberts

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

I've been training for about 3 years now and it has been the best decision I've made! I made new friends, I'm doing something outside of school, and I have a goal! My attitude has changed since coming here. I use to be mad and mean all the time to joyful and fun to be around. These people are some of the nicest and helpful people you can find.

Z Tv

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

JPMAA is an amazing place! I highly recommend Mr. Perry and his amazing staff to anyone, child or adult, who is looking for a place of positivity to belong. I can't thank Mr. Perry enough for the things he and his staff have taught me and my daughter. It goes beyond self defense and the lessons learned such as focus, determination, aspiration, discipline, positivity, and especially, respect translate to every facet of life in and outside of the studio. I urge you to give it a try! It may very well change your life! It has definitely changed mine for the better!

Will Murphy

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Our son loves everything about Joey's. Every instructor truly loves what they do and works with each student to reach the highest level they can. 'I recommend Joey Perry's to anyone. They build confidence in students and bring out the work ethic that young students need to have.

Anthony Sanders

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

My family and I have been training at Joey Perry's Martial Arts Academy for over a year and we love it! Exercising together as a family is fantastic. The staff are excellent. The new building is beautiful and comfortable. I highly recommend Joey Perry's to get closer with your family, get healthier, and grow relationships with others seeking to better themselves. There's a positive vibe that runs strong 24/7 at JPMAA and you will leave feeling better!

Brandi Moore Hankins

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

I've been training here for several years. The staff are great and have a lot of patience. There really is a program for everyone of any age group and skill level. If you want to learn to defend yourself, just get in better shape, or are looking for a new hobby, this is the place to go.

Adam Farmer

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Joey & Kelly Perry are like family and they treat us like family. PJ has been going there since he was eight years old and is now fifteen and is first degree Black Belt. PJ has learned respect, responsibility, perseverance, caring, and so much more! PJ loves everything about martial arts and with Mr. Perry’s encouragement and support he is now competing worldwide. So, if you are looking for something your kids will love while learning respect, dedication, anti-bullying techniques, motivation, and self-defense while having loads of fun, then check out Joey Perry’s Martial Academy!!

Phillip Clark

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

I feel like my family and I spend as much time at JPMA as we do at home..and we wouldn't have it any other way! The positive, energetic atmosphere is exactly what I was looking for when looking for an after school program for my boys as well as an extra curricular activity. They've advanced so much from a martial arts standpoint, but the character that is being shaped by the staff is something you will not find anywhere else. This program is not one that "doesn't fit everyone". Anyone can find something that appeals to them, and will be made to feel like family along the way!

Christina Taylor

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

How Joey Perry's Martial Arts Academy summer camp is an analogy for good education: my kids have attended the summer camp the past two years. At their belt testing last night, I realized how joey's is THE ideal model for effective education-- the staff are all highly skilled; everything that is said or done is another step towards the highest goal for all: black belt (even in something as simple as sitting crossed-legged on the mats); the kids come to them with a vast variety of skills, and the staff groups the kids for classes based on the kids' needs; regardless of the group or skill level, ALL students are encouraged to support and "give energy" to their peers while they are working on their forms; expectations are never watered down, and specific feedback is given immediately to foster what students did well and show what can be improved next time; individuality is embraced while all strive to become better people--great character development is embedded in daily lessons; and, finally, the staff loves what they do and love the kids every day. My own kids have blossomed during their time at summer camp! I'm So proud of all of the campers!

Dawn Bessee

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

JPMAA has the best instructors ever and staff, they genuinely love these kids. My son has attended here for close to 2 years now and loves it. The new studio is absolutely beautiful, state of the art equipment, super safe and clean. This is the best martial Arts program in Arkansas hands down!

Boe Cook

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Becoming a part of the JPMAA family has been one of the most rewarding experiences we could have given P.J. We watched the demo team perform at Dillard’s Kids Fair every year when he was younger and they passed out a coupon for 2 free lessons. He always asked to go because he was amazed by their performance. We thought he wouldn’t like it so we never took him. Finally, when he was 8 yrs. old we decided to let him try it. From the first day he walked through the door until now he has loved every minute of it. Mr. Perry, Mrs. Kelly, and the entire staff create an extensive friendly environment that inspires students and parents to come back. The curriculum they provide includes focus, respect, self-confidence, discipline, goal-setting, and so much more. It has been almost 5 years since that first day and P.J. strives to train harder each day. Not only because he loves it, but the encouragement he gets motivates him to do so. I asked P.J. to give me one sentence to describe JPMAA. He said it was impossible and then said, “It is not only a great family environment to learn respect and confidence, but also have loads of fun while doing it”. So, as parents we love the discipline that takes place and he loves to learn having fun. Martial Arts is an awesome sport to get involved in and JPMAA is the place to begin!!

Linda Clark

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Not only have our kiddos been doing the after school program for a very long time. But we had their birthday party there this weekend as well. Everything was super easy & organized. The instructors were great with the kiddos. They all had a great time even us adults.

Emily Cottingham

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

World Class!!

My family and I have been with JPMAA for almost 5 years with my daughter reaching black level in December.

Over these years, I have watched several kids and adults grow physically and mentally. If you just want to learn the cool martial arts moves and weapons then this is not your place. If you want to learn how to be a good person, leader, and gain the self confidence to succeed in life, this is your place. The staff and coaches are second to none. Joey's staff will build you and your child's foundation in Martial Arts and life skills needed to succeed in life, they will also show you all the cool moves.

This experience has changed my life, please come in and let them change yours.

Dempsey Rollins

Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

Absolutely fantastic program. It has helped my daughter's self confidence more than I ever thought possible. I would recommend JPMAA to anyone with no hesitation! They create champions, and the respect and self confidence that is taught there spills over into all areas of these kids lives!

Elizabeth Bridges

Home base with an amazing group of instructors and staff. Family atmosphere

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Kids Martial Arts Craighead County

My son has been going to karate at JPMAA for 2.5 years. He has benefitted and improved tremendously in self discipline, focus, and drive. It has deeply impacted his life! Thanks to the instructors and staff of JPMAA!!!

Kelli Cochran

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