Top 100 schools in America 4 years in a row (2008-2011) by Century MA, Inc.

It all started back in the Christmas of 1985. It was that year when Joey Perry was given the gift that has truly lasted him a lifetime. Joey was given martial arts lessons as a gift from his parents that year and he has never looked back. After nearly ten years of training, Mr. Perry had the unique opportunity to purchase a struggling studio in the small town of Newport Arkansas in 1995. At the young age of just 17 years old Mr. Perry was an excellent athlete, motivator and tireless trainer. These key attributes allowed that small studio of just 7 students when Mr. Perry took over to very quickly grow to 35, 50, 70 students within a year time.

Mr. Perry had been driving 80 miles round trip four times a week to Newport to teach and with the insistence of a few of his Black belt instructors, whom had started training again once they learned Joey was teaching in the area, he opened up his second martial arts studio in his home town of Jonesboro, Arkansas. After several years of bouncing between both clubs, all while maintaining his status as a Top 3 WORLD Ranked forms, weapons and fighting competitor and attending college at Arkansas State University Mr. Perry decided to retire from active competition, sell the smaller out of town Newport academy and focus solely on building the school of his dreams here in Jonesboro.

It didn’t take long for this decision to pay off. With his focus, energy and passion directed on the singular task of taking the Jonesboro studio to higher ground, Joey found success in the students of JPMAA (then still called Jonesboro Tae Kwon Do Academy) gaining better technical prowess as well as well as more and more new faces showing up for classes each week. This growth and positive energy has prompted a few location changes over the years. Each change saw a new positive dynamic learning experience gained, which has always brought better services to the JPMAA students. Over the years we have added Non-Traditional martial arts classes to new students such as Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing, After School Programs, and Pre-School classes, Women’s Self Defense, Weapons and Extreme Martial Arts.

Our current location is in the heart of Jonesboro located in Old Navy Shopping Center beside PetCo.

JPMAA is proud to be a FAMILY martial arts facility that has a sole focus on making better people through our fantastic blend of martial arts, life skill development and positive energy. We are a very proud member of the Ernie Reyes World West Coast Martial Arts Association and the Elite Martial Arts Alliance. You can visit Mr. Perry’s instructor’s site at

Joey Perry has been a sport karate champion, Top school owner, CEO, father, son and husband. Our highly trained instructors are all lifelong martial artists as well and each of us is here to make a positive difference in your life through martial arts training. We have been named the Top studio in Arkansas 2 times by NAPMA and earned the Top 100 schools in America award 4 years in a row by Century MA, inc. We take these awards with pride and honor and continue to work hard every day to establish a higher standard for ourselves and our students.