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  • Understanding your Pre-Skillz age development

    Understanding your Pre-Skillz age development

    Dear PreSKILLZ Parents, We can all agree that social cues are extremely important. It is also important to understand what to expect from children when it comes to their social stage of development. Each age group is quite unique but there are some expectations that are common amongst the PreSKILLZ age group. Typical issues with behavior amongst the 3 to 6-year old age group often include challenges with physical contact with peers, a lack of focus when others are being distracting, as well as, getting upset when they don't win aren't chosen to "go" first. Our PreSKILLZ Instructors recognize that this is typical behavior for 3 to 6-year olds! Instead of forcing them into an ....

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  • At Home Practicing!

    At Home Practicing!

    At Home Practicing Tips! It is common knowledge that the more time and effort you can put into developing a skill the faster and farther you can become great! But after a long day at school or at the Dojo it may be hard to find the motivation to practice. Below are 3 easy steps to teach a proper inner dialogue for when motivation is hard to come by. These steps will also teach you how to use a pseudo Jedi Mind Trick and convince them that it was all THEIR idea! Step 1: Ask about their ONE most important thing they want to achieve in Martial Arts. Start the conversation by asking your ninja to think about their goals in Martial Arts. When you ask they may say things like ....

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  • Behavior Managment Strategies

    Behavior Managment Strategies

    5 Tips your child’s instructor uses to put negative behavior into perspective As seasoned Pediatric Ninja Specialists, we have witnessed just about every sort of behavior and outburst from working with hundreds of kids over the years. We have seen it all from playful name calling to angry tantrums. Some things are hard to not take personally, but our experience allows us to put things into perspective so that we may have the opportunity to use this as a moment of learning. If you ever thought: “You are making me so mad!” “Can’t he/she see this hurts my feelings?” “I can’t believe he/she is so ungrateful!” Don’t ....

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  • Building a 'Stick to It' Attitude

    Building a 'Stick to It' Attitude

    Hey JPMAA Jonesboro Parents! Today I’d like to talk about tough situations, struggles, failures, and the importance of following through in a manner that promotes growth in children. When things get tough for our kids the two most common ways parents handle these situations is to either swoop in and be the hero or to leave them to “figure” it out. This could mean doing their homework for them, not pushing them to get back up on that horse, or allowing them to quit a sport/activity that they love simply because they have hit a roadblock. The issue is that in most cases both of these choices rob our kids of the chance to learn, overcome, and become a stronger ....

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  • Why parental coaching from the sidelines is harmful to most children's development

    Why parental coaching from the sidelines is harmful to most children's development

    Why Coaching from the Sidelines is Harmful to Your Child’s Development As parents, we want what’s best for our children, and we also want our children to give it their best when they participate in extra-curricular sports and activities. The problem is, we sometimes get caught up in our desire to see our children perform well and we speak up at the wrong times. With that said, I’ve put together some details about how coaching from the sidelines plays a harmful role in our child’s emotional development. (Please note as it relates to this article, I’m focusing on a martial arts parent because that’s the environment I’m an expert at when it ....

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  • Consistency


    Consistency Your child needs to know that no matter what happens, you are always going to be a consistent parent. Maintaining consistency means that you are going to be patient, connected, adaptable, and edutaining with your child all the time so your child knows what to expect from you and you know what to expect from them. Here are some pointers on parental consistency: • Do not sway in how you react to your child day to day, even if your child makes mistakes or has a temper tantrum. Instead, strive for a consistent approach in your parenting and especially in how you react to and resolve these types of situations. • Be Predictable. An inconsistent parent may yell at ....

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  • C.O.A.L. Method- Dealing with negative behaviors in children

    C.O.A.L. Method- Dealing with negative behaviors in children

    The C.O.A.L. Method – 4 Quick and Easy Steps to Dealing with Children’s Negative Behaviors By Jennifer Salama When it comes to parenting, emotions can run high. When children act out negatively, parents often become frustrated quickly and react by trying to fix the behavior immediately by yelling, punishing, etc. However, this approach is never a win for the child or the parent. As a Pediatric Ninja Specialist, Melody Shuman, the founder of the SKILLZ Program, continually studies and researches new and innovative ways to help children grow into the best version of themselves. This often leads to the development of information to help parents as well. Melody’s ....

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  • Private Lessons

    Private Lessons

    Hey JPMAA Families, Our goal here at <<Your School Name Here>> is to help every ninja become a better version of themselves! We use the latest technology and curriculum backed by years of research and development via our SKILLZ children’s curriculum to assist us in accomplishing our goal. We are also driven to go above and beyond to open up our schedule to be able to offer our students private lessons! Private lessons are a 1-on-1 approach to learning and since everyone learns at a different pace and in their own way sometimes these lessons can be an incredible force multiplier for your ninja’s confidence. Here are my top benefits for scheduling lessons: ....

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  • At home training tips

    At home training tips

    Greetings JPMAA Parents! Today I would like to talk about how to use things from around the house to benefit your ninja's "At Home" training! Every ninja has gotten carried away sweeping the floor while pretending the broom was a Bo! I even heard of some of my ninja friends up north shoveling snow and thinking of it as "endurance" training! Now I am not telling you to strap a cloth to your ninja's tummy and have him practice army crawls across the tile floor and call it "training". Let's face it, that's just how a ninja does his normal chores! Sometimes we think that we are unable or ill-equipped to practice at home because we lack the same pads or mats that we use while in class. ....

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  • The key to keeping kids excited about activity

    The key to keeping kids excited about activity

    DOPAMINE The Key to Increased Motivation and Focus in Children and Teens Have you ever wondered why children and teens seem to be so addicted to their smart phones and other devices? Parents are frustrated with their children’s lack of attention and motivation but what do their devices have to do with this? The answer is found in science! Often referred to as the “motivator molecule,” dopamine is a “feel good” chemical that is released in the brain which helps us focus and feel motivated. When dopamine levels are low, it can result in symptoms such as difficulty focusing, decreased motivation, trouble problem-solving, and social anxiety. Therefore, ....

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