Understanding your Pre-Skillz age development

Understanding your Pre-Skillz age development

Dear PreSKILLZ Parents,

We can all agree that social cues are extremely important. It is also important to understand what to expect from children when it comes to their social stage of development. Each age group is quite unique but there are some expectations that are common amongst the PreSKILLZ age group.

Typical issues with behavior amongst the 3 to 6-year old age group often include challenges with physical contact with peers, a lack of focus when others are being distracting, as well as, getting upset when they don't win aren't chosen to "go" first.

Our PreSKILLZ Instructors recognize that this is typical behavior for 3 to 6-year olds! Instead of forcing them into an environment where they are commanded to conform, our instructors realize that for best results we must nurture these behaviors for lasting growth.

Throughout the course of the PreSKILLZ program, our instructors will help guide them to make better choices when it comes to "contact" when they get frustrated or overly excited. Through the use of game-based learning, we will also be able to set them up for success by providing them with opportunities to choose to have the best discipline possible. This will result in a more concrete understanding of how to better focus on distracting situations.

Our drills also reinforce important social skills like sharing with their peers! Our instructors also understand how to coach this age group in a manner in which the student learns that it is "ok" and sometimes "cool" to not go first every time.

Here at Joey Perry Martial Arts Academy we use the knowledge provided by PreSKILLZ to understand these Social stages of development so that we may better serve you and help your ninja become the best version of themselves!


Joey Perry

Jonesboro, Arkansas


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